Getting You Noticed....


Timeliness and effectiveness are the attributes that stood out to me whilst working with the Senior Advisor at Colleges and Careers. She kept to appointments and delivered when she said she would. We worked hand in hand with my needs and she never failed to encourage me.

I’m also above satisfied with her service because she genuinely ‘knows her onions’. She is familiar with the industry and is very knowledgeable about the application and recruitment process. Her encouragement, words of wisdom and professional service were party to me securing my offer and even after the offer, she was still concerned with my continuous development! Glad I made the investment!
 - Ore Dosumu, Incoming KPMG Audit Associate, (Autumn 2017)

Colleges & Careers is a superb advocate, not only for those who are looking to start off their careers, or secure internships within top organisations, but for those who, like me were looking to take the next progressive career step. Speaking to the senior advisor allowed me to further highlight in a very detailed manner, my core interest and skills, aligning them with goals and values, before recognising other industries (out of my current jurisdiction) where these interests and skills could also be efficiently exploited. 

I find that most extensive, as while we professionals might have the tendency to stick to a certain industry once we have reached a point of comfort, it is paramount to be un-neglecting of other avenues to which our skills and experiences could be even more effective; and this is where the services provided by the Colleges & Careers platform are so brilliant! With the help of the senior advisor, I was able to not only identify my next career step, but restructure, improve and tailor my CV, putting me in a great position to reach my next goal.
 - Dami Ayo-Ariyo, Technology Consultant at FDM Group

There are just a small handful of people I have met throughout my years that have made a profound impact on my life – and the senior adviser at Colleges and Careers is on top of my list! Her experience, professionalism, insight, coaching and guidance have not only helped me secure a prized summer internship, but have helped me develop my potential and character in very unique ways. She was there for me every step of the way, providing training and important tips, comfort and encouragement when things were most challenging. My interview preparation was particularly perfect; I am certain that I could not have done this without her. I look forward to continuing to work with her in new and different ways – all in alignment with my professional and personal goals. Working with Colleges and Careers was the best investment I could have made; the program is an outstanding resource that any one would be smart to have at his or her side

 - Ebube Emodi, RBS Conduct Risk & Regulatory Affairs Intern, (Summer 2016)

Overall, I would say the experience was great. Colleges and Careers helped me from start to finish of the recruitment process. If you struggle with writing essays and answering interview questions, I definitely recommend that you try Colleges and Careers. This was something that I struggled with for a very long time until I heard about their program. Psychometric tests were also something I struggled with, and their Senior Advisor gave me tips and shortcuts on how to answer questions quickly and more accurately. If you’re trying to secure a job, or looking to gain admission to any university, you should definitely try CC! It worked for me!

- Oyebanke Oyelola, Incoming PwC Audit Associate (September 2016)

I could not recommend Colleges and Careers enough. Their senior adviser helped me immensely in my search for work, offering valuable advice and encouragement. Together we came up with a detailed list of potential employees and an action plan which was very helpful in the application process. She also re-formatted my CV and coached me through all stages of the application process. She answered all my questions and when I got tired she helped get me back on track. She was amazing through-out the process and I am very happy to recommend her services to my family and friends. 

- Funto Okuboyejo, MSc Marketing and Strategy Graduate, Warwick Business School

While my sister and I worked on my university applications, we reached out to Colleges and Careers for some guidance and recommendation on perfecting her essays. Not only were we given spectacular advice on content and form, but also a deep level of commitment and passion that translated into acceptance letters from over 85% of schools I applied to. The Senior Adviser's work is impeccable and really speaks for itself. She listened effectively to our background and was able to give advice specific to me on the process. We are so happy to have worked with a powerhouse on this.

 - Dika Okeke, Incoming Freshman at NYU, Liberal Studies Program

I met the Colleges and Careers Senior Advisor while on a formal mentoring scheme, and I am so happy that she was assigned to me as mentor. Since we began working together, I have overcome a number of obstacles in career development and job application processes. The ability to co-develop ideas, preparation tools and career goals with an experienced professional who has an understanding of the tools for success has proven extremely valuable. I am eternally grateful for all her help throughout the process, and am pleased to have been offered the job that we worked hard to secure as team. The best aspect of our mentoring relationship was her genuine interest in my success and continuous encouragement, even at points where I was worried and tired. I would recommend her services to everyone hoping to secure a job in the city, and wish her all the best for the future

 - Toyosi Olowe, Incoming Technology Delivery Associate, KPMG (September 2016)