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Meet the Team

Joann Ezeoba_7235

Joann Ezeoba

Founder, CEO & Senior Advisor

Joann is a Management Consultant at a top UK professional services firm. She is the Senior Advisor for both the Colleges & Careers programs, and will work closely with all candidates. 

Program Affiliates

Our affiliates act as Subject Matter experts, and provide additional advice to candidates on interviews and assessments within their specific fields or firms. This is included in the price of each program, but will come at a surcharge for individual services. 

kume F

Kume Feese


Banking & Finance

Seun A

Oluwaseun Awolowo

Procurement and Commercial Management

Banking & Finance

Ona Ike

Ona Ike


Professional Services

Subomi O

Subomi Odunowo

Investment Banking Division

Banking & Finance

Chizi O

Chizitere Obioha

Sales and Trading

Banking & Finance

Seun O

Oluwaseun Olubunmi

Assurance (Audit)

Professional Services

nneka A

Nneka Agbim




Foluso Agbaje

Human Resources Management

Banking & Finance