Getting You Noticed....

Getting You Noticed

We are a team of professionals affiliated with some of the world's most prominent companies, and are graduates and postgraduates from the top universities across the globe.
Our aim is to support you as set your College and Career goals, and help you develop the array of skills required to get you noticed by top recruitment professionals . All the material we recommend, teach, and test, is centered on improving your ability to communicate your strengths effectively and developing your potential to the fullest.

Committed To Serving You

We believe that it is more valuable to guide our clients and shape their own ideas, than give them content that is not personal to them. As such, we are focused on developing each candidate's unique ability, style of self expression and eloquence in describing individual traits.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services, and are committed to ensuring our clients achieve their goals. Our virtual classrooms and easy-to-use contact forms ensure that our clients receive excellent tutorials which they can refer to at any time, and quick responses to any queries they might have.
Our Colleges programme accepts registrations on a first come first serve basis during our summer application season, and assists successful candidates throughout the year. We have limited places, and therefore encourage early registrations.
Our Careers programme accepts registrations on a rolling basis, but also has limited capacity, and we therefore encourage early registrations.
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Our Expertise

For our Colleges programme, our expertise lies in our experience of the University and College application processes in the United Kingdom and the United States respectively, and our clarity on style, content and form of the required personal statements or essays.

We are committed to sharing this expertise with our candidates, as well as teaching them the tools to develop their own style in the context of what is required.

On the career front, our unique model assists candidates in deciding on what paths to choose based on a combination of factors including interests, strengths and ability, amongst others. It equally ensures that each candidate is paired with a high performing employee in their chosen field who can assist directly with interview preparation and answer industry specific questions.

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Get A Step Closer To Your College Or Career Dreams

Our Core Attributes


We are dedicated to developing tools and methods that our candidates can use beyond their time with us


Our commitment to client satisfaction sets us apart in the marketplace. We are driven to deliver quality services to our clients, and willing to go the extra mile to achieve results!


Our attention to detail and ability to streamline our approaches to each candidate ensure excellent results and ensure a sound learning environment 


Our systematic approach and detailed understanding of the requirements for successful university and job applications distinguish us in the work we do


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For information on our individual, group and corporate services, please contact us via email, or leave us a message using our contact form